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Find here answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Directors´ Conference 2021.


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At what dates and times will the conference take place?

The conference will take place virtually from April 14 through 16, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

On what platform will the transmission be conducted?

The conference will adopt the Zoom tool to conduct the entire programme. Access links will be available at the Virtual Learning Environment, the Canvas.

How do I access Canvas?

On March 22, all enrolled and confirmed participants will receive an e-mail message with instructions on how to access Canvas. The e-mail message will be sent to the address informed in the registration form.

Will the conference sessions be recorded?

Yes. Sessions will be later available to access via Canvas, up to 60 days after the event.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee is US$ 200, with a slight variation depending on the exchange rate, since the charge will be in Reais (R$) – Brazilian local currency.

How do I pay for enrollment?

Payment must be made by going to this page

Special payment condition!!!

For registration payments made until February 28th, you will have a 20% discount, that is, the final cost will be UD$160.

The links to access the sessions are available on Canvas

To guarantee full participation in the event, we suggest the access to the Canvas platform, find the tutorial here.