Find here some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the 2023 UNICON Directors’ Conference.

Welcome Video

Click here to watch Unicon’s 2023 welcome video.


Fundação Dom Cabral – Aloysio Faria Campus
Princesa Diana Avenue, 760
Alphaville, Lagoa dos Ingleses – 34018-006
Nova Lima/MG


We strongly advise all to stay at the eSuites Lagoa dos Ingleses Hotel, located right next to FDC’s Campus. Daily rates around 80 USD. Rooms are pre-booked (3 nights from 24th to 27th of April 2023) for participants, until the 14th of March. After this date, we cannot guarantee hotel availability.

There are other hotels available, but they are at least 30 minutes from the Campus.



Please refer to the Brazilian consulate or embassy in your country to verify if you need a visa. On this page, you will be able to see if you need a visa to enter Brazil. Please note that this webpage is only in Portuguese.

Dress Code

The dress code for the conference is business casual.

Airport and Transportation

Tancredo Neves International Airport (CNF) is the international airport serving Nova Lima. Usually, it takes 70-90 minutes to get from CNF to Aloysio Faria Campus, but it can take longer during peak times.

At the airport, you may be approached by individuals offering cab services; we recommend travelling by official taxi that will charge around 280 BRL and it can be paid by credit card.

If you prefer a driver hire service, contact Coopertex via e-mail ( and request your appointment with payment by credit card. The value from Airport to Fundação Dom Cabral is 225 BRL and from Fundação Dom Cabral to Airport is 210 BRL.


Brazilian currency is the Real (R$). The exchange rate is approximately R$ 5.00 per USD. Exchange facilities are available at airports if needed. You can view the current exchange rate here.

Visiting Minas Gerais

Below you will some basic information and precautions that should be observed in any city that welcomes tourists from everywhere in the world, as is the case of the welcoming city of Nova Lima:

Language – Portuguese is the spoken language in Brazil. English is the official language of the UNICON Directors’ Conference 2023.

Documents – Always carry a copy of your passport. We encourage you to make a copy before your trip and lock your originals in the hotel safe.

Electrical Appliances – Electric Voltage is 110 volts (60 cycles). If necessary, you can request an international adapter at the hotel reception.

Tipping – Nearly all hotels add a service charge to the bill, usually 10%. Most restaurants also add 10% to the check total, but they must make it clear that they have done so. In Brazil, we do not normally tip taxi drivers, but we normally round the total up.

Area Code – The telephone country code for Brazil is 55, and the metropolitan area code for Nova Lima is 31.

Health and Insurance – Brazil has a large network of private hospitals in major metropolitan centers. Private medical care is usually quite expensive, and it is advisable that visitors have medical insurance. If necessary, please talk to the FDC staff and/or hotel reception.

Parking – There are free parking lots at Aloysio Faria Campus and the eSuite Lagos dos Ingleses Hotel, for those arriving to the conference by car.

Emergency Phone Numbers – You may reach the Police with 190 and Fire and Ambulance with 193.

COVID-19 Guidelines – For general travel guidance, please click here. You can also check about local norms with hotel reception.


Ouro Preto is a former colonial mining town, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (clicke here) because of its outstanding Baroque Portuguese colonial architecture. The city is located 70 km from Campus Aloysio Faria.

Instituto Inhotim is a contemporary art museum and botanical garden located in Brumadinho (click here). It is home to one of the largest foundations of contemporary art in Brazil and one of the largest outdoor art centers in Latin America. Inhotim is located 45 km from Campus Aloysio Faria.

Mineirão is the largest football stadium in the state of Minas Gerais (click here). It served as a venue in the 2014 FIFA World Cup and some matches of the football tournament of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The Mineirão is home to the Brazilian Football Museum and it is located 40 km from Campus Aloysio Faria.

The Circuito Liberdade is recognized as an important cultural corridor in Brazil (click here). Housed in an historical area in Belo Horizonte, it is composed of 13 institutions, including museums and cultural centers, covering different aspects of the cultural and artistic universe. Circuito Liberdade is located 30 km from Campus Aloysio Faria.

Shopping Malls

BH Shopping
BR 356, 3.049
Belvedere – 30320-900
Belo Horizonte/MG


The weather in Nova Lima tends to be comfortable from late April to early May.

Campus Aloysio Faria is located in a mountainous region, next to an artificial lake. Therefore, we recommend that you bring some type of coat, especially for the early morning and evening periods.